Far Away, So Close Private Island Bliss at Eagle Rock Cay, The Bahamas

In name alone, private islands suggest remoteness, isolation – a true escape far, far away from it all.

Not everyone can get down with that, of course.

To travelers who crave excitement and activities, remote can mean boredom, the isolation feeling more like jail.

Eagle Rock Cay, however, is a private island of a different sort.

Located right in the middle of the entrance to Hope Town Harbour in the Abaco Islands of The Bahamas, Eagle Rock Cay fulfills several classic private island ideals. It’s isolated, of course, surrounded by vibrant azure waters typical of the Abacos. It’s also home to just one villa, a two-bed/two-bath elegantly appointed home with Jacuzzi, private dock, full gourmet kitchen, and plenty of indoor and outdoor living space.

The difference is Eagle Rock’s location. Lower Public Dock in Hope Town and all the fun of Elbow Cay is literally just a couple minutes away. Jumping over to the historic Elbow Town Lighthouse takes even less time. And whenever you return to Eagle Rock, you enjoy having your very own island all to yourself again.

What’s not to like..?!

Okay, the price is pretty steep (details here), but if you can swing it, there seem few better ways to do Hope Town while also enjoying an exclusive private island escape.

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