Island Pirate Ale

Island Pirate Ale and The Birth of Bahamian Craft Beer: Friday Happy Hour

Man boobs?!

My new friend Anthony stared back at me, utterly dumbfounded. In his hand, an ice-cold Island Pirate Ale. His cherished reward after another exhilarating day of bonefishing in the fertile waters around Deep Water Cay. I’d never come across the brew, so was anxious to get a taste.

Then I saw those three infamous letters on the label…


Instantly, I recalled a recent news story I’d read about all the estrogen in hops and the potential that extra-hoppy IPA’s carried for adding some heft and sag to a man’s chest.

Anthony wasn’t too happy about the news I’d just shared.

After trying Island Pirate Ale, it was easy to see why.

Island Pirate Ale at Sunset at Deep Water Cay, The Bahamas | SBPR
Island Pirate Ale at Sunset at Deep Water Cay, The Bahamas | SBPR

Truly Bahamian ‘Craft’ Beer

Island Pirate Ale is one of five new brews launched about a year ago by Pirate Republic Brewing. The enterprise, headquartered in Nassau, is heralded as The Bahamas’ first craft brewery.

At the time of their launch, though, Pirate Republic beers were more Bostonian than Bahamian. The company had a contract brewing partnership with a Massachusetts-based brewery. This past spring, though, the entire Pirate Republic production was brought to Nassau. That makes these beers as truly Bahamian as my other favorite Bahamas brews.

My First Taste of Island Pirate Ale

Island Pirate Ale’s Bahamian chops are instantly apparent upon first sip in the form of some tangy citrus notes. (Could that be switcha in there?) They worked to dial down the hoppiness a bit to me. An easy-going 5.2% ABV, medium-light body, and an ultra-smooth finish ensured that this pirate adventure would be a short, yet very satisfying one.

Satisfying enough to risk man boobs..?

Hmmm… I think I’ll need another taste before I can answer definitively. For that, I’ll have to head back to Nassau as distribution of Pirate Republic beers remains limited elsewhere in the islands. If you see ’em anywhere along your Bahamas travels, let us know where and if/how you like ’em in the comments section below.


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