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Photo Of The Day: Family Time in The Out Islands

The Out Islands of The Bahamas aren’t also known as the Family Islands for nothing. Of all the places I’ve ever traveled with my twin boys, nowhere has compelled them to eschew their iPads, movies, and other various modern electronic stimuli more than magical shores like these on Gun Cay in the Bimini archipelago.

There’s literally nothing here – no restaurants, hotels, shops, roads, homes… nothing but the sea, a sandy shoreline, your imagination, and whatever you happened to bring ashore.

Family bonding happens effortlessly in conditions like these – when you and your kids are the only people on a completely deserted island, as we were when I snapped this photo.

Our friend, Captain Chris, had just anchored his sportfish a good 50 yards or so offshore following a nice, easy 90-minute crossing from Fort Lauderdale. He and our wives then set about packing up the tender with beach supplies.

Us Bennett boys, though, just couldn’t wait… we had to have Gun Cay all to ourselves!

The memory of making the decent-sized swim with my kids, then age eight, and the mock euphoria we expressed upon “conquering” the island in the Bennett family name will last with me (and likely them too) forever…

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