My Secret Conching Spot in the Abacos: Photo of the Day

In last week’s post on Tahiti Beach, I mentioned enjoying an amazing conch salad made from fresh conchs harvested mere minutes before we dropped anchor for lunch. What I didn’t mention, though, was exactly where we found our succulent sea creatures.

I still won’t.

Some secrets must simply always remain, well… secret.

You can see the spot pictured above, though. That’s Demetri, one of our hosts from the Abaco Beach Resort, on the right, his hands holding three of the four enormous conchs he’d find while I was goofing around with my camera.

Even distracted with my underwater photo session, I managed to gather up two huge conchs of my own.

Yeah, this spot is really special. If you want to find it, I suggest you book a stay at the Abaco Beach Resort and go island-hopping with Demetri.

And don’t forget to keep our little secret…

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