Saturday Video: Touring Harbour Island and Spanish Wells

There are more than 700 islands, cays and islets scattered about the 100,000 square miles of Atlantic Ocean where sits The Bahamas. A good 40 of these land masses are inhabited, with the rest serving as nature preserves and private island hideaways for the rich and famous.

For us at Uncommon Caribbean, these are daunting statistics indeed.

We aim to highlight the best travel experiences and real West Indian culture across the entire Caribbean – from Trinidad & Tobago in the south, on up the island chain to The Bahamas, and back down again along those thousands and thousands of miles of Caribbean coastline extending along Central and South America, starting at Mexico and Belize and extending all the way down to Guyana and Suriname.

So, how much of The Bahamas have we covered so far? Well, let’s just say we’re a few small steps into what is sure to be a long and exciting island-hopping journey.

Clearly another trip or two to The Bahamas is in order for us soon, and by the looks of the video above, Harbour Island and Spanish Wells may be just the right places for us to go.

The amazing footage was shot by Lightbourn International Pictures and produced by AuthenticBahamas.com, a site that appears in many ways to be right up our alley.

Like us, Authentic Bahamas caters to travelers in search of adventures and authentic experiences. It’s a pretty cool site – nice design, great videos – though some of the info is a little dated.

Still, you can’t argue with footage like this, right? It’s sure got me inspired to start planning a trip to one or both of these Bahamian beauties today. How about you..?

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