Shark Swimming In The Bahamas

Between the two of us, I think that Patrick and I would both agree that I am the more risk-averse. That’s not to say that I’m not adventurous, of course. Patrick just tends to throw caution to the wind with a good bit more reckless abandon than yours truly. Plus, you know, I am supposed to be older and wiser, right? Even so, I’ve found myself fascinated lately with the prospect of living the reasonably thrilling experience of swimming with nurse sharks in The Bahamas.

No, this isn’t like those controversial shark feeding dive excursions you may have heard about in The Bahamas and other parts of the Caribbean. I’m happy to leave those more extreme and potentially death-defying dives for Patrick.

Swimming with nurse sharks, on the other hand, looks to be about right for me.


Well, for one thing, nurse sharks are arguably the most docile of all shark species. They also pretty slow, generally moving at less than two mph. I can swim faster than that, if it comes down to it!

Oh, and they like to “cuddle.” These nocturnal sharks spend most of the day sleeping on the sea floor in large clusters called cuddles.

Indeed, nurse sharks are not known as the couch potatoes of the sea for nothing.

Yeah, I think I can handle a little time with these cuties.

I hope to live this little dream later this year in the Exuma section of The Bahamas at Compass Cay Marina. If you’ve ever done this and have tips to share on how best to survive enjoy the sharks, let us know!


*Photo credit: UC fan and pro-photographer, Zach Stadler

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