Camping Surf Safari in Eleuthera: Uncommon Envy

Fishing, conching, sailing, catching lobsters, beach bar hopping (even getting spanked in the process!) – we’ve managed to live a number of our Bahamas dreams in recent years. The great thing about The Bahamas, though, is that with 700+ islands it continually inspires new dreams, travel wants, and desires.

The latest one for us: camping surf safaris.

Precious few people think West Indies when they think surfing. Even fewer think of The Bahamas. Eleuthera, though, will make any wave chaser think twice.

North and east coast shores here are filled with prime surf spots boasting consistent, if not spectacular point breaks, reef breaks, and beach breaks. As elsewhere in the region, the cooler months – October through April – yield the best surfing conditions, though the action is pretty good all year thanks to the dynamic combo of the ever-churning Atlantic and a 3,000 foot drop sitting just one mile offshore.

It all sounds pretty good, right? Now imagine enjoying all that awesome surf while camping on the beach and under the stars!

Bahamas Out Islands Adventures makes it easy, offering one-, two-, and three-night camping surf safari packages. (One-day excursions are also available, but then you miss out on the camping!) As noted on their website, experienced local guides ensure you get at the best breaks.

As for the camping part, this line from the Bahamas Out Islands Adventures website has me sold…

At night we camp by firelight under the stars and sleep in comfortable tents listening to the surf roll in.

Talk about an uncommon escape! We just gotta’ get in on this fun soon.

If you feel the same, visit Bahamas Out Islands Adventures online.


*Lead photo credit: Flickr user Tommaso Galli.

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