Sweetings Cay, The Bahamas: Uncommon Envy

Even as well-traveled as I am around the islands, it’s still sometimes hard for me to believe that there are still places like Sweetings Cay in this world.

Places with just a handful of residents; where everyone basically looks after each other, life is quiet, peaceful, and almost entirely dependent on the sea.

The view above is about as close as I got to Sweetings during my last trip to The Bahamas, the photo snapped at the far southeastern tip of Deep Water Cay. What little I know of the island comes from conversations I had with various members of the Deep Water Cay staff, several of whom call Sweetings home.

They say only a few hundred people live there.

They say there are only two churches – always have been.

They say there’s virtually zero crime. How could there be when everyone knows everyone?

They say owning a boat there is a must, especially if you’re a young man wanting to meet a young lady. Doing so requires jumping over to “mainland” Grand Bahama Island just a short boat ride away.

They say the community is very tight and there’s no place else like it.

The real Bahamas, they say, the way it used to be.

I say, I can’t wait to check it out!

If you’ve ever been to Sweetings Cay and have any tips or suggestions on things we shouldn’t miss there, please let us know!

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