Uncommon Photo-Op: The New England Charm of New Plymouth

New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay/SBPR

I’ve never really traveled much in New England. In fact, I’m pretty sure that aside from a quickie trip to Mystic Seaport when I was about 10, I haven’t seen any of the extreme northeastern corner of the United States. So, when I read across the internet of the New England style of the historic town of New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay ahead of my recent visit there, I really didn’t know what to expect.

Upon arrival, though, I instantly fell for the place.

Along the waterfront, New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay/SBPR

It’s easy to lose yourself in New Plymouth’s charm – its vibrant colors, distinctive buildings and seascapes. Even the more destitute structures, re-emerging, no doubt, for the umpteenth time, bore a quiet dignity: a distinctive sense of pride born of the town’s unique heritage.

Making a comeback in New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay/SBPR

On these, my first few clicks in and around New Plymouth, I wasn’t so much focused on the actual history that spawned the place as I was on the whole New England vibe. Was it real? How would I know? Without a tangible New England frame of reference, I just wasn’t sure…

One guy on a bike, a veritable traffic jam in Downtown New Plymouth/SBPR

Then I met Mary Stevens, one of the fine folks behind Brendal’s Dive Center on Green Turtle Cay. I ran into her at the Lizard Bar & Grill located at the Leeward Yacht Club just outside of New Plymouth. She was having lunch with a friend visiting from Rhode Island who set me straight on the whole New England thing…

Whenever I come over that hill and look down on the town, I see Cape Cod.

Walking toward Sundowners Bar in New Plymouth/SBPR

She was referring to the view captured in the lead photo of this post. That’s what you see when you enter New Plymouth via the main road, all the colorful clapboard homes and businesses laid out before you like a bowl of candy just waiting to satiate your appetite for photo fun.

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