Archer Bay And Northern Barbados

Heading up north in Barbados is a great way to get away from the bustle of Bridgetown and the hustle of the west coast. And if you’re going north, why not go all the way to North Point? Yes, we know, cruise ships herd tourists by the busload up to the Animal Flower Cave, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out… it just means you have to out smart the crowds!

First off, Mondays are the best day for this excursion as many cruise ships dock on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Next, set out early. If you’re on the west coast, 8:30am would be a good start. Even if you get lost, you’ll still be there before anyone else. And speaking of getting lost, it’s a good chance you won’t. The Barbados road system is very well maintained and there are lots of signs at most junctions.

Once there, head to the Pirate’s Bar, grab a Banks Beer and buy your ticket. Ask for Dan to take you through this geological wonder carved in the sea cliffs over thousands of years by the ocean’s relentless pounding and enjoy… without a crowd of fresh-off-the-boat tourists getting in all your shots.

Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave by Patrick Bennett

I know what you’re saying: “What about Archer Bay? It is in the title of the post, after all…”

Indeed, the Animal Flower Cave is a highlight of any trip to northern Barbados, but the main attraction for me was discovering Archer Bay. It’s just a little ways west of North Point, making it a convenient stopping point on the trek back south. When you’re close, you’ll see this sign:

Archer Bay

Patrick Bennett

From here, take a right off the paved road and proceed along a dirt path through gorgeous trees like these…

Archer Bay Trees

Patrick Bennett

Park by the cliff, then head down the footpath to the right. It’s a bit steep, but if you carefully navigate the carved stone stairs, it should be no problem… and this is your reward:

Archer Bay beach

Patrick Bennett

An undercover private beach (befitting its super spy namesake) that you can call your own, if but for a few hours. Here’s the view from the cliff where you can park:

Archer Bay beach

Patrick Bennett

Archer Bay is truly a spectacular find; beautiful, serene, and on this day, blissfully deserted.

With great seclusion, though, comes great responsibility. You’ll want to stay alert to your surroundings and valuables, as you would at any other time/place that you find yourself alone. If you’re planning on taking a dip (Really, how could anyone resist that water?) be aware of strong currents. You’re on your own out here, which with a little advance planning and care, can be a most rewarding and inspiring experience.

Happy exploring!

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