The Beach at Colony Club Hotel, Barbados by Patrick Bennett

Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: Not Missing Barbados, I Swear…

As I write this, my brother and partner in everything Uncommon Caribbean is 35,000 feet above the azure waves of the Caribbean on his way to the birthplace of rum: Barbados.

While we do our best not to be jealous of each other’s Caribbean adventures, I must admit this trip of his has me somewhat wishing I was on my way down, too. You see, Steve’s going down there to judge the cream of the rum crop at this year’s Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival! I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that?*

Besides the rum, I’m sure he’ll also be taking in the beautiful vistas of the pleasantly underdeveloped east coast. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? He may even meet up with Boosy and head over to Surfer’s Bay Beach Bar for some drinks by the bonfire… Hmm, I’d like to do that. If he’s smart, he’ll make time to visit Lemon Arbor for some cow heel soup and revelry on Saturday… Man, I’d like to do that, too!

But no, I’m not really jealous… Not reallyNope! 

Why would I be? I’ve got this beautiful photo of the beach at Colony Club Hotel (an Elegant Hotels luxury resort) as my desktop wallpaper and a nice, neat Mount Gay Extra Old in my hand!

Somehow it tastes a bit more watered down than I remembered…

Oh… That must be from my tears.

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* If you don’t want to do drink the best rum in the world in one of the most beautiful places in the world… What are you doing here?

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