Soup Bowl, Barbados

Wallpaper: The Sweet Surf and Sights of Soup Bowl, Barbados

Of all the things Steve and I did on our travels to Barbados this year, I believe I can speak for us both when I say that watching the Barbados Surf Association Junior Championship competitors shredding the swells at Soup Bowl rates among the most memorable.

After our separate initiations into the sport last year (with varying degrees of success), watching these young athletes make short work of such powerful waves was almost enough to keep us in a perpetual state of awe. Combined with the friendly people from the BSA that we met (plus the souse they were serving) and we were in spectator sport heaven.

Now, just last weekend was the BSA’s Event #4 for 2011:

The 4th challenge for the open divisions. Both the men and women will duke it out in what should be a radical display of Barbados’ best surfers in a world class and beautiful location. Not to be missed.

Unfortunately, I did miss it… Instead of being there in the flesh, I could only go back through my photos from their February tournament.

In doing so, one thing jumped out at me. While we’ve certainly featured “Barbados’ best surfers” in a previous post, what we haven’t really talked much about is the “beautiful location.” Soup Bowl is not just one of the best places to catch a wave in all the Caribbean, it’s also smack in the middle of some extraordinarily stunning coastline.

So, for this week’s Caribbean wallpaper, we’d like to celebrate the beauty of the location!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to make it down for another BSA event soon. If not, well, I’ll just keep going back through my photos… And have this wallpaper on my desktop.

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