Rainbow, Barbados

Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: Waiting For a Rainbow, Barbados

Rainbow, Barbados
Rainbow, Barbados

I’m writing this while taking in daybreak from the veranda of Cotton House 2 in Barbados. My feet are kicked up on the coffee table, my infant child is pattering around waving a cracker in his hand, and my wife has just started some coffee in the kitchen as evidenced by the rich aroma wafting out on the cool sea air.

A matter of feet beyond my feet, just over the edge of the deck, the waves are methodically rolling in – pushing foam over the sand at my doorstep.

There’s just one thing that might be considered wrong with this perfect morning picture: it’s raining.

For some, this could spell ruin.

For me, it just builds anticipation.

Here and there along the horizon, clouds are dumping their watery payloads in clearly defined, tilted columns. Slowly drifting from right to left, they occasionally overtake one another – revealing, then just as quickly devouring, patches of the blue West Indian sky.

The cloud overhead passes and for a while the rain stops. The wife floats in to drop off a mug on the table next to my feet. Our little traveller trails right behind, now brandishing a broom and a smile. As his mother disappears back inside, so does he and I’m left alone as the rain begins to fall again.

It drips off the roof, runs off nearby coconut trees in rivulets and mists over a bright pink conch shell perched in a nearby window. As the rain comes down a bit harder, it conceals Miami Beach to the north behind a soft white veil.

The waves keep rolling in.

It won’t be long now.

The clouds are already beginning to clear – drifting out to sea. Within the hour, they’ll mostly be gone. And before they go, I can almost guarantee the brief appearance of a rainbow.

All I need to do is just stay right where I am, put down this computer, sip my coffee and wait.

And all you need to do, is click the link below to download this week’s Caribbean Wallpaper.

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