Chase Vault Barbados

Chase Vault Barbados: Haunted Caribbean

A eerie grave in an ancient cemetery might seem an odd spot to visit on your Caribbean travels. If you like spooky stuff, though, then you won’t want to miss The Chase Vault Barbados.

One of most famous haunted sites in the Caribbean, The Chase Vault is located at the Christ Church Cemetery. 

Christ Church Cemetery Entrance
Christ Church Cemetery Entrance | Photo by Steve Bennett

The video above runs down the history of paranormal events that have occurred here.

The presenter, Kevin Farmer from the Barbados Museum, tells the story with verve and excitement. Every Barbadians that I’ve spoken to about the legend, though, say it’s all nonsense.

Chase Vault, Barbados
Chase Vault, Barbados | Photo by Steve Bennett

Still, there’s no denying that some very strange things happened to The Chase Vault Barbados coffins. The mystery was never solved and no one has been buried here since the coffins were removed for good in 1820.

Cue the spooky music

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