Hated Hammock

Deal of the Week: Exclusive “Friends of Patrick” Savings on Cotton House 2, Barbados

Hated Hammock
Another amazing view from Cotton House 2, Barbados/Patrick Bennett

I hate that hammock.

Look at her all smug and stretched out in all her sublime hand-woven splendor inviting what surely must be the most satiating of afternoon siestas… Yeah, not for me. At least not yet, anyway.

Regular UC readers might recognize this hated hammock from Patrick’s Perfect Fantasy Beach House, Cotton House 2 in Barbados. He’s stayed there twice in the past year, enjoying that hammock and all the other niceness here to the nine’s.



Now, now I hear your griping. Where, you might be asking, does someone like me, who gets to stay in all manner of fabulously palatial Caribbean places on a remarkably regular schedule, get off whining about someone else’s fantastic good travel fortune?

I admit, I’ve no room to talk. It’s just that with all the amazing things Patrick has written, photographed, filmed and told me about this place, I’ve simply found it impossible not to feel reeeaaaallllyyy jealous. I mean, look at this view…

2 View
Sickeningly good view from Cotton House 2, Barbados/Patrick Bennett

You can savor the end of every day like this at Cotton House 2.

Sickening, right? Trying reading this, or watching this, or downloading this and tell me you don’t feel a few jealous pangs coming on as well.

Clearly we need to remedy this resentment in short order, and thanks to all the wonderful things Patrick has done to spread the word on Cotton House 2, we’re able to offer an exclusive deal making it easier for all of us to enjoy all that this special place has to offer.

The Friends of Patrick deal nets you savings of about 30% off regular rates at Cotton House 2 for beach house stays enjoyed between now and the end of November 2012. With the deal, the price works out to just $250 per-night!

A three-night minimum is required and this deal is sure to go fast (Patrick has lots of friends), so drop them an email or call 1+246.826.7661 today!

Just be certain to say “Uncommon Caribbean sent me” to get the special rate!


* The information in this story was accurate at the time of publishing. All rates and specials are subject to change at the travel provider’s discretion.

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