Cotton House 2 by Patrick Bennett

Exclusive Savings for UC Readers at Cotton House 2, Barbados

How many more reasons do you need to visit Barbados?

We already gave you 80+ reasons once before, remember? Now Jetblue is joining in the fun, launching new nonstop flights from Fort Lauderdale next month.

(Jetblue also started flying to Barbados nonstop from Boston this past November, while Delta nonstops from New York and Atlanta also took wing late last year.)

So yeah, it’s a lot easier to get to Barbados these days.

For UC readers like you, though, it’s also a lot more affordable to stay in Barbados in style thanks to our great friends at Cotton House 2.

You remember Patrick’s “perfect fantasy beach house” nestled along the shores of Freights Bay in Christ Church, southern Barbados, right?

Ideal in most every way an uncommon traveler might imagine, Cotton House 2 melds a fantastic location with casual beach-chic comforts, unbelievable sunsets (and rainbows), and a steady rolling surf to make your next trip to Barbados your most memorable one.

If you book to stay here during the weeks of April 9–16 or April 23-30, your next trip to Barbados could also be your most affordable one. That’s because Cotton House 2 is offering savings of US$100 off per-night exclusively for Uncommon Caribbean readers!

Not $100 off period…

$100 off PER-NIGHT!

Yeah, it’s a BIG DEAL, so you’ll want to move quickly to take advantage.

For reservations, visit Cotton House 2 online and be sure to tell them how much you love Uncommon Caribbean!


*The information in this story was accurate at the time of publishing. All rates and specials are subject to change at the travel provider’s discretion.



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