Friday Happy Hour: R.L. Seale’s – Elegant Rum in a Bottle to Match

R.L. Seale’s/SBPR

Every Friday here at Uncommon Caribbean, we have fun introducing you to unique libations from all over the West Indies. This week, it’s not so much the drink that’s uncommon as it is it’s bottle.

This is R.L. Seale’s Finest 10 Year Old, one of the newest rums from Barbados, and certainly one of the most distinctive-looking spirits anywhere.

Nope, this photo hasn’t been doctored – the neck of the bottle really does bend to one side like that, with some handy indentations at the base to help steady shaky pours.

Tip: when your hand starts shaking, it’s time to stop pouring.

So what’s the deal with the bent neck? According to the company, the signature design is in homage to “the leather bottles used by early sailors to carry their rum.” You’ve seen ’em in every pirate movie dating back before you were born, but certainly never in such an elegant fashion as R.L. Seale’s is sporting today. Simply gorgeous.

You may be wondering, though, is the beauty of this blend only skin deep? The answer is an emphatic “no!”

R.L. Seale’s is a smooth sipping rum that almost seems to caress your mouth, tongue and throat as it goes down. From its enchanting aroma, to its pillow-soft finish, a sip of R.L. Seale’s is as cool and easy as a sunny afternoon in Archer Bay. The company’s own propaganda states:

  • The Nose is distinctively nutty with a full, smooth and well rounded body. A delicious palate with butternut taste and a light vanilla accent that comes from aging in oak. Lingering finish with hints of roasted almonds.

My untrained palate may not detect all those flavors, but I do know that however they’re combined, the result is a fine rum worthy of any top shelf in the birthplace of rum.


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