Lea Solomon Models Sexy “Sportswear” in Old Speightstown

Sexy Lea Solomon in Speightstown, Barbados

Sexy Lea Solomon in Speightstown, Barbados

One of the best parts to travel is meeting people. I don’t just mean, chatting a few moments at a bar, I mean really hanging out and spending time with new friends you’ve only just met. Whether it’s taking up surfing with Boosy on Barbados, going spelunking for bats with Mark on St. Martin, or running a torturous half-marathon with a collection of new friends on Montserrat; more often than not, meeting new people make a trip.

It pays to remain open to meeting new folks and spending time with them during your travels, but it also helps to get acquainted before you’re on-island. Which brings me to Lea Solomon. Her own site notes her as “the strangest, most dynamic accountant you will ever find.” Born and raised in Barbados, Lea was introduced to us by our good friend Boosy as someone uncommon we really should meet up with on our next visit to their sandy shores… And judging by this collection of photos, I would agree.

Taken by Curwin Cherubin in the second largest town on Barbados, Speightstown, the shots capture our strange accountant in some definitely dynamic sporting outfits.

If you’d like to recreate these hot photos for yourself, you could try staying at the beachfront Colony Club Hotel between Holetown and Speightstown. Sure, it’s a little larger than our usual hotels, but take a look at this photo I took of their beachfront on my last visit and I’m sure you’ll agree it’d be well worth the stay. From there, the town you see in Lea’s photos is just a short drive north.

Settled in 1630 and once one of Barbados’ busiest ports, I highly recommend taking a walk about Speightstown. You may not catch Lea Solomon lounging about in her croquet attire, but you’ll definitely get a taste of true Bajan life. Here’s to meeting new friends!

UPDATE: Several readers have pointed out that we overlooked Lea’s also sexy teammate in the photos: Jamaican model and avid surfer Jessica Williams. In fact, according to Lea’s blog post, the whole idea to have a photoshoot was Jessica’s idea. So sorry, Jessica. Next time we’re on Barbados, we owe you a drink!

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