On-Site Barbados: Leaving Your Mark at North Point

Natural Graffiti at North Point, Barbados/SBPR

There’s something about traveling someplace special that spurs a lot of us to leave behind some sort of a record of our visit. Whether it’s college flags and hats at Reggae Beach in St. Kitts, license plates at Sunshine’s in Nevis, or all matter of things at Charlie’s in Aruba, we just can’t help but make our own special impression on the places we love.

On my most recent visit to Barbados, I found that this desire to immortalize our movements even, at times, extends to plant life.

These cacti are located right at the entrance to the Animal Flower Caves at North Point, Barbados. As Patrick points out here, this is one of the busiest attractions in Barbados, especially when a cruise ship is in town, and it shows in the natural graffiti. There are dozens of names and inscriptions here, many of them with dates and expressing a romantic sentiment of some kind. Nothing raw or X-rated, mind you (at least not that I saw), just innocent scribbles like Lynn + Rick, T+T Russell 2010 or Sharifa ♡.

There was no one around to ask when we visited, so I’m not sure if the practice is frowned upon, but it’s certainly no problem finding an old nail or other sharp object lying around near the cacti with which you can carve your own little message next time you’re in Barbados. In fact, look closely when you get here and you may even find a message from your friends at Uncommon Caribbean


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