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Photo of the Day: The Ancient and Awe-Inspiring Animal Flower Cave

Found on the extreme northern point of Barbados, the Animal Flower Cave is a famous fixture of the island’s attractions. Still, that’s no reason for the intrepid experiential traveler to pass it up. Just look at this photo! Descending along steps carved in the rock nearly 100 years ago, walking along the 500,000 year-old cool water-smoothed floor of these ancient natural halls, and looking out onto the raging waves coming off the Atlantic is pure magic.

Barbados lone accessible sea cave gets its name from the small sea anemones that call its dark pools of salt water home. Exposed and feeding, they look a little like flowers… Until you touch one and it instantly retreats into its body like a startled animal.

The cave opens at 9am, which is when I highly recommend you visit—before any buses loaded with tourists invade. The guided tour (which is mandatory for entrance as far as I know) is just $10.

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