Plus Energy Drink from Barbados

Beat the Back to Work Blues with Plus Energy Drink from Barbados

Maybe you overdid it at a fete. Maybe you got too much sun on the beach. Or maybe you’re a bit weary from yet another amazing Caribbean adventure. Either way, getting back into the swing of things at work or school following a little time off isn’t easy. One solution: Plus Energy Drink from Barbados.

Perennially Power-Packed

As you can see right on the label, Plus is meant to revitalize you, packed as it is with the same super-sugary “supplements” found in today’s seemingly endless array of popular sports drinks. Unlike many in the popular crowd, though, Plus is no Johnny-come-lately to the energy drink scene.

The good people at Banks (Barbados) Breweries Ltd. have been producing Plus since 1973.

Revitalizing Plus Energy Drink from Barbados | Photo by Steve Bennett

Their formula combining malted barley, cane sugar, carbonated water, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), and natural pineapple juice is so unique that they went so far as to secure patents for it all over the world.

Plus Energy Drink Tasting Notes

The initial flavor and body are a bit like a very light beer, though Plus is obviously non-alcoholic. The pineapple comes across strong in the finish, but it’s the consistency of the drink that makes Plus stand out to me.

It’s just so velvety; kind of like honey or some sort of pineapple-flavored carbonated medicine. More soothing on the tongue than refreshing, Plus Energy Drink should definitely only be enjoyed ice-cold.

That may not sound very appealing, I know, but Plus really isn’t that bad. It doesn’t beat Lucozade for me, but as far as energy drinks go, well, I wouldn’t give it a minus…

Where to Buy

I’m somewhat amazed to find that Plus isn’t available on Something called Wine World appears to carry it online, but your best bet is probably your local West Indian grocery store. Here in South Florida, I can always find it at Bedessee. The fine folks there ship all over the U.S., so feel free to contact them if you can’t find Plus near you.


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