Saturday Video: Haunted History of The Chase Vault, Barbados

I’ve had a great time these past few days at the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival sampling and judging the region’s finest spirits of the rum and beer variety, but before I head for home today I’m hoping to check out Barbados‘ most famous site for those spooky spirits we love to celebrate this time of year: the Chase Vault.

The video above runs down the history of paranormal events at the vault, which is located at the Christ Church Cemetery not far from my hotel. While the presenter, Kevin Farmer from the Barbados Museum, tells the story with verve and excitement, most of the locals I’ve spoken to this week say the legend is all a bunch of nonsense.

There’s no denying, though, that some very strange things happened to the coffins of all those who were interred here in the early 1800s. The mystery was never solved and no one has been buried here since the coffins were removed for good in 1820.

Cue the spooky music

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