Saturday Video: Segway Polo in Barbados

World Segway Polo Championships

Remember about 10 or 11 years ago when you first heard about the Segway? Remember how it was supposed to revolutionize personal transportation, essentially making walking obsolete? Yeah, umm… not so much.

I wouldn’t say that the Segway has been a complete and total bust (like some people), but it definitely has not lived up to the “Oh my God, it’s the second coming!” hype that the geekerati was selling back then.

Thankfully for the folks at Segway, their little toy has found a few practical applications in today’s modern society. They’re certainly a benefit to mall cops and regular cops in metro areas, and Segway tours are now very common in a lot of tourism destinations.

In one such Caribbean destination, however, they’ve taken Segway fun to a whole new level.

The video above showcases the Segway Polo Woz Challenge Cup, which was held earlier this year in Barbados. That’s right, there are a bunch of people out there, hailing from such disparate lands as the United States, Europe, New Zealand, and Dubai (to name a few) using these things to play the stately old game of polo.

The “Woz” in the middle of the event’s name is for Steve Wozniak, who as any geek knows is the co-founder Apple. The veritable face of the sport, Woz and a couple of his techie buddies basically invented Segway Polo six years ago while trying to find fun things to do with their Segways. A few other big names are involved in the sport as well, including Victor Miller (screenwriter of the first Friday the 13th movie), who describes the game as follows:

It’s an apt description, as you’ll see in the video, but it also looks like a lot of fun.

Next time you’re in Barbados and want to get in on some Segway action, check out Jason Gilkes at Segway of Barbados. They offer unique tours of the island aboard Segway PT (off-Road X2) models. Unless you’re already a Segway Polo pro, you won’t get to play polo with the Barbados team, but you may get to see them practicing for the 2011 Woz Challenge Cup, which will be held in San Francisco next June.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the defending champions going into next year’s event are the Flyin’ Fish squad from Barbados!

So, we haven’t produced a Cricket World Cup winning team since 1979, and we’ve never brought home a FIFA World Cup trophy, but when it comes to the world’s geekiest sport on two wheels, THE CARIBBEAN IS #1!

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