The Moment: Enjoying a Drink of Rum at The House, Barbados

The Bar at The House, Barbados

A few weeks ago, I backed up the love Patrick expressed last year for The House in Barbados by offering my own take on why the hotel’s bar is the perfect place to enjoy some rum in the land where the drink was created.

Classy, stylish and sophisticated in a way you’d expect any part of a boutique luxury property to be, the bar at The House is also very warm and welcoming; almost familial like a rumshop. The atmosphere is just chill perfected. (Can you tell that I miss it?) I attempted to capture a bit of the special vibe at The House in the video above.

The idea was to give you, our faithful readers, a bite-sized “fly-on-the-wall” sense of what it’s like to be there just before closing time. Listen for the singing frogs, the faint sounds of waves crashing on the beach a few steps away, the subtle lounge beats, a bit of banter, laughter and joy.

This was “the moment” I fell in love with The House…

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