This Makes Barbados The Caribbean’s #1 Destination For Ringing In The New Year

For those who simply must always be first, there really is only one best place to ring in the New Year in the Caribbean. That place: Barbados.

The easternmost land mass in the Caribbean, Barbados is located so far to the east that it’s actually not in the Caribbean (Sea) at all. The entire island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, so really, there’s no place in our home region where you can greet the dawning of a New Year any earlier than in Barbados.

At the same time, there’s no place in Barbados where you can watch the sun rise on January 1st than the spot pictured above.

This is Ragged Point, the easternmost point of Barbados, an area aptly named owing to the jagged, rocky cliffs that line its shoreline and the always tempestuous surf here.

No, you don’t come here to take a nice, quiet sea dip. Instead, travel back through time by checking out East Point Lighthouse.

One of four historic lighthouses on Barbados, East Point began lighting the way for sailors en route to the island way back in 1875… and not a moment too soon.

In the 50 years preceding its construction, a total of 22 ships fell prey to nearby Cobbler’s Reef!

Soaring more than 200 feet above sea level and capable of producing beams of light extending a good 20+ miles out to sea, East Point has safeguarded scores of sailors over the years, even as no one ever really seemed all that intent on caring for the lighthouse itself.

Vandals, rust, and neglect have robbed East Point Lighthouse of its old glory, but the view it continues to preside over remains without compare… especially for those enjoying it at sunrise each year on January 1st.


Photo credit: Flickr user Charlie Dave.

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