Saturday Video: La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge

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We’ve told you about a half-marathon versus a volcano, an eco-challenge versus another volcano, a kayak race out at sea, an impossible trail race, grueling cycling contests, and a triathlon pitting athletes against a beast! Indeed, the Caribbean offers a great many opportunities for active travelers to test their mettle competing in some very uncommon sporting events. La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge is certainly no exception.

Now entering its 15th year, this arduous canoe race is contested over four days, with three-person teams covering 170 miles of waterways, west to east, across Belize. Professionals and amateurs compete in eight different divisions. There’s prize money on the line too, but for most of us the main objective appears to be simply survival.

This uncommon race isn’t just grueling. The official overview published on the event website goes so far as to describe the river route as “perilous!”


That itty bit of a warning, though, is followed by this rosy text later in the same paragraph:

This is a race for everyone (not just professionals).

Hmm… So, it’s a race for everyone along a perilous route… Sounds about right for us, no?

If it sounds about right for you too, then you’ll want to check in with the folks at La Ruta Maya Outfitters who put together the video above. They offer 10-day all-inclusive packages that enable you to “enjoy” the best of the race, while also soaking in the best of a Belizean beach break once you’re done.

Not only do these guys hook you up with a canoe and all the gear you’ll need for the adventure, but during the race they also set up your camp each night, cook and serve your meals and mix up cocktails to soothe your soul after each hard day of rowing. They take care of breaking everything down in the morning as well, trekking ahead to the next campsite to greet and pamper you all over again.

If you fall prey to any of that “perilous” river route, La Ruta Maya Outfitters has you covered there as well, with a certified EMT always on-hand as part of their group.

The 2012 Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge is coming up March 9-12. For more info on La Ruta Maya Outfitters packages, click here to visit them online.

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