Listening to the Boats Along Lower Bay, Bequia: Photo of the Day

Special places have the power to communicate. They speak to us in mystical, understated ways that when heeded can often guide our uncommon explorations.

I swear singing winds blowing through a patch of trees in Green Turtle Cay once guided me on a small hike to a secluded beach. A freak squall in Bimini spurred a similar discovery, albeit by boat, while the large, curious sign for Lobster Alive along Carlisle Bay led to our greatest discovery in Barbados.

The little yellow boat pictured above spoke volumes to me as well. I found it down on Lower Bay in Bequia. It was the last full day of a tremendous trip filled with hiking surprises, creative cuisine, one of the best rum punches you can imagine, and more.

Was I ready to go home?

The boat said it all…

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