Sad Beauty Atop Mount Pleasant, Bequia: Photo of the Day

In an area as prone to hurricanes as the Caribbean, it’s no surprise to encounter long-abandoned, decaying buildings and homes like this one on your travels. Many are just eyesores barely worthy of a second glance.

This one, though, seemed something more to me.

I found it astride the road near the very top of Mount Pleasant, the highest peak in Bequia (elevation: 881 feet). The area has long been considered prime real estate, the cooler climes of the high elevation and dramatic views of Admiralty Bay below drawing many of Bequia’s more prominent residents here since as far back as the 1860’s.

The owner of this home would’ve enjoyed a particularly exceptional view – no man-made or natural obstructions of any kind.

I enjoyed the view myself… for a little while. Most of my time here, however, was spent marveling at the house itself, the rust-red metal roof and wind-beaten wooden walls framed beautifully by all that lush encroaching green.

It was, at once, sad and beautiful… Almost like it was always meant to be.

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