Dreaming of Bequia and Mustique

Unfortunately, this video is no longer available.

Even for those of us born and raised in the West Indies, there are idyllic sandy shores that we aspire to visit and experience some day. Dream destinations beyond imagination where the wonders that surround us in our own islands are matched or exceeded, and the pampering and comfort far outpaces that which can reasonably be enjoyed amidst the responsibilities of home.

Dream destinations like Bequia and Mustique.

I’ve been pining for a visit to these choice corners of the Grenadines for as long as I can remember. The video above shows a bit of why.

The talent behind the video is Caleb Vinson of Chicago, IL, a man with an obvious affinity for our style of uncommon travel.

Follow Caleb as he lives one of my biggest as yet unrealized travel dreams and let us know if his video inspires your desires to visit these magical islands as well…

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