The Old Fort Estate, Bequia

The Old Fort Estate, Bequia: Uncommon Envy

Five+ years have passed since my one (and so far only) visit to Bequia, yet my love for this special little corner of St. Vincent’s Grenadines keeps growing stronger all the time. Memories of the amazing people I met and experiences I had there play a big part in my continued infatuation, of course. So too does great new videos like this one of special guesthouses like The Old Fort Estate…

Does that not make you want to hop the next flight to Bequia right now?!

Like Bequia itself, The Old Fort Estate appears to be near about perfect for uncommon travelers. Cozy in size (six spacious suites accommodate up to 15 guests here), elegant island style and decor, lots of history, and an utterly jaw-dropping view from high atop Mount Pleasant all add up to awesome to me.

Well, at least the video makes it look truly awesome. Is it really? We hope to find out (and report back to you) in the near future.

In the meantime, if you’ve been here and can clue us in a bit more on what we can expect, please let us know by leaving a comment below, or hit us up directly via email.


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