Ask Uncommon Caribbean: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bermuda

Even as a kid growing up amidst the tropical island splendor of St. Croix, I was always intrigued by Bermuda.

The mysterious “Triangle,” those amazing pink sands – even the iconic namesake shorts, and the unique “Only in Bermuda” way in which they pair nicely with a coat and tie – all of it held a fascination for me that in some ways superseded many of my other Caribbean island neighbors.

You might surmise the reason for my interest to be that Bermuda isn’t actually located in the Caribbean, a fact that may have lent the North Atlantic archipelago a rather exotic appeal to my prepubescent mind.

That might be so, but as I’ve gotten older, and my fascination with the true West Indies has blossomed into the website you’re reading right now, I’ve found that my interest in Bermuda has not diminished one bit. I still have too many questions about these magical islands, and the ties they might have to the Caribbean I’ve always known and loved.

Surely, you must have some questions about Bermuda too. Or perhaps you have some uncommon info on the destination that you’d like to share?

Either way, we hope you’ll join us, our friends at AFAR Magazine, and freelance travel journalist and Bermuda resident, David LaHuta, for a Facebook chat all about Bermuda tomorrow!

The party starts at 2pm EST on the AFAR Magazine Facebook page, and any/all questions on Bermuda are fair game.

We’ll even give away official Uncommon Caribbean T-shirts to five lucky fans participating in the chat, so when you finally do visit Bermuda, you can do so in style.

Hope to see you there…!


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