Friday Happy Hour: Gosling’s Dark ‘n Stormy in a Can? Now That’s a Plan!

The condensing of rum cocktails into cans of practical, portable size is not a practice I’d generally condone. Not to be snooty or anything, but my brief brush with this regrettable canned blend of cheap rum and even cheaper cola has been enough to keep me away from cans of all kinds for quite some time.

So, it was with great trepidation that ventured toward the Gosling’s booth at the 2014 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival just a few weeks ago to inquire about the slim and sleek can pictured above. From afar I thought it was some sort of newfangled energy drink that Gosling’s may have hatched to compliment its storied stable of rums.

Upon reading the label, though, my heart sank.

Dark ‘n Stormy in a can?!

Instantly, flashbacks of that earlier unfortunate can raced across my mind. A shiver ran down my spine. Sweat beaded up on my brow. This cannot be good, I remember thinking as I tried to avoid making eye-contact with the sexy, young server peddling the stuff.

C’mon, you know you want to try it…

Damn! I couldn’t say no to that face.

Maybe just a little sip, I thought. Couldn’t be that bad, right? After all, Gosling’s owns the trademark on the Dark ‘n Stormy. Members of the Gosling family on-hand for the event confirmed to me that they’re serious about enforcing the trademark too.

Indeed, their way is the only way to make a Dark ‘n Stormy… even in a can.

That’s right, the canned version of Gosling’s Dark ‘n Stormy is actually quite good! Unlike that other canned mess, this Dark ‘n Stormy is balanced nicely for those of us who like to taste the rum in our cocktails. Rich Black Seal flavor shines through in every sip, complemented nicely by the ginger beer.

Served ice-cold in the can or over ice, Gosling’s Dark ‘n Stormy in a can is definitely a good plan!


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