Playing Hide and Seek With Hog Bay Beach, Bermuda

Could there be a more perfect beach anywhere than Hog Bay, Bermuda? From what we’ve read/heard, not likely.

Located within the 32-acre unspoiled nature preserve of Hog Bay Park in Sandy’s Parish at the far western end of Bermuda, Hog Bay Beach arrests you with its pristine beauty.

Most every beach in Bermuda does that, though.

The thing we really love about Hog Bay is its “hide and seek” seclusion.

Like a lot of our favorite beaches, Hog Bay is not readily accessible. You have to hike a good bit over intermittently rocky, steep, and hilly terrain to get here.

And, depending on when you do get here, there may not be any beach to enjoy.

That’s because Hog Bay Beach is one of those especially uncommon stretches of shoreline that disappears at high tide!

The snorkeling is always wonderful here, so it’s not a total loss if you miss low tide. You’d be missing out on the splendor pictured above, though, so probably best to check the tide times charted here prior to adventuring out here.


Photo credit: Flickr user Abe Kleinfeld.

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