Bimini sandbars

Bimini Sandbars – Full Day of Exhaustive Fun in The Bahamas

You can seemingly run forever on Bimini sandbars. You can find these sandy atolls strewn about the Bimini archipelago of islets, rocks, and cays in the most westerly corner of The Bahamas. This particular bar fast became a favorite of ours when we dropped anchor off Gun Cay over Labor Day Weekend some years ago. The kids especially enjoyed reveling in the wide open sandy expanse to run…

Chasing clouds across a sandbar in Bimini. The Bahamas
Chasing clouds across a sandbar in Bimini. The Bahamas | SBPR

And run…

Chasing birds on Bimini sandbars
Chasing birds in Bimini | Photo by Steve Bennett

And run some more! The sandbars offered ample opportunity to chase birds, clouds, fish, and each other. The occasional wayward football pass was also easily retrieved in the shallows.

In short, these shallow seascapes provided a full day’s worth of exhaustive fun. Always a good thing when you’ve got young ones traveling in tow…

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