Harbour Village Marina Webcam Brings Undersea Bonaire Home to You

Harbour Village Marina Webcam Brings Undersea Bonaire Home to You

Throughout the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve sought to keep UC fans like you connected to the Caribbean in a variety of ways. One of them, our webcam series, has been particularly popular.

Live video feeds of beloved beaches, seaside bars, and sweeping vistas have worked to help us all escape to the Caribbean from home. Admittedly, it’s not a perfect solution. Having the opportunity to enjoy St Croix sunsets, though, sure made lockdown a little easier.

While our webcam series has provided a nice sense of the Caribbean’s land-based treasures, we’ve ignored her undersea charms. Until now…

This live, 24/7 underwater webcam feed comes courtesy of the Harbour Village Marina in Bonaire. Still among the country stamps missing from my passport, Bonaire was tops on my pre-pandemic travel list.

True to our uncommon nature, though, I wasn’t planning on exploring too much of the island’s ultra-popular undersea attractions.

The Harbour Village Marina undersea webcam, though, just might change my thinking…

If you’ve ever visited Bonaire and have tips on things we need to see, eat, drink, and do, please let us know in the comments section below.


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