Why I’m Contemplating Kiteboarding in Bonaire

In exactly two weeks, I plan to follow in my brother’s footsteps by making my first-ever attempt at kiteboarding!

(Here’s where the deal will go down.)

This, of course, is a big deal, and not just because I need an active new sports diversion to fill my free time either.

For me, it’s more about the two of us bros developing more commonality; a new shared interest that we can pursue together on our travels.

If it all works out and I successfully pick up the sport, then I hope that our first kiteboarding adventure together takes place someplace like Bonaire…

Looks absolutely ideal, right? I mean, Bonaire is all kinds of uncommon, the conditions – steady winds and few cloudy days year-round – appear like the perfect kite spot, and the team at Kiteboarding Bonaire look like a fun kite school.

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