Sandy Spit, BVI – Paradise Personified: Photo of the Day

There are many perfect slices of paradise scattered throughout the British Virgin Islands, though it’s arguable you’re looking at the very best of them. This is Sandy Spit, a tiny uninhabited islet barely peeking above the surface between Sandy Cay and Green Cay just east of Jost Van Dyke.

Its entire footprint barely covers a half-acre, but size doesn’t matter here.

Instead, those lucky enough to drop anchor at Sandy Spit are entranced by the islet’s near-perfect ring of pristine white sand and iconic “dessert island” character, embodied by its scant tuft of tropical foliage and utterly nonexistent signs of civilization.

There are no higglers here. No hotels, loud bars, traffic, or nonsense. Just nature, peace, serenity and whatever companions and personal items you may have brought along to make your time here extra special.

A highlight of the final full day of sailing aboard the seven-day BVI adventure offered by our friends at Intrepid Travel, a stop at Sandy Spit brings all the romance of an idyllic private island escape to life.

For more on how to get here with Intrepid, visit them online.


*Lead photo credit: dornfeld via Flickr.

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