Saturday Video: Bouldering in Virgin Gorda

The extreme sport of bouldering is not one you’ll see practiced in much of the Caribbean. Then again, as anyone who’s ever been already knows, Virgin Gorda isn’t much like the rest of the Caribbean either…

Covering just eight square miles, the third-largest of the 60+ British Virgin Islands is home to one of the region’s most uncommon geological phenomenons – huge boulders the likes of which you’d expect to find in and around the Rocky Mountains. They look like they were left there by some giants playing a super-sized game of marbles long ago, but in actuality, the boulders stem from an ancient granitic intrusion uplifted to the surface millions of years ago.

Most visitors get to know the Virgin Gorda’s unusual boulders at The Baths where piles of them lay strewn about the beach creating scores of scenic and romantic grottoes long a signature of the BVI travel experience.

As the adventurers featured in today’s video show, the beauty of these boulders goes well beyond their looks.

The crew from Louder Than Eleven, a creative production company based in Boulder (where else?), Colorado illustrate the tremendous bouldering opportunities available throughout Virgin Gorda, scaling rock after rock all for the sheer joy of the challenge. In the process, they also showcase the island’s pristine beauty, both above and below the water, as well as its people and laid back local scene. It’s enough to make me want to move there!

At the same time, though, scaling Virgin Gorda’s boulders is obviously not for everyone. Some of these bad boys measure more than 60 feet in height, and it’s not like you have the benefit of ropes, or much of anything else when bouldering.

If you’re good with just some powder and your own brute strength, though, Virgin Gorda presents the ultimate bouldering destination.

For a more in-depth look at bouldering in Virgin Gorda, check out A Guide to Bouldering and Traveling in The British Virgin Islands. The guidebook was created by Jonathan Wasser and Rich Crowder, both of whom you can see in action above…


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