Saturday Video: Sailing Across the BVI’s in Under 5 Minutes

True to our uncommon nature, we tend to poo-poo popularity in all its shapes and forms. The more popular something is, the more we tend to avoid it.

There are exceptions to this rule, however… Destinations, attractions, activities or hotels so cool; so genuine and amazing that whatever mass appeal they might engender transcends their celebrity.

The British Virgin Islands are just such a place, as least when it comes to sailing.

Everybody knows that the BVI’s are among the world’s most popular sailing grounds. It’s been that way since Columbus gave way to colonialists, then pirates and eventually the pleasure yachts that dot the many cherished anchorages in and around the 60+ British Virgins year-round.

Still, this magical archipelago isn’t any less spectacular than anywhere else you might raise a sail, a notion supported beautifully in the inspiring video above.

The piece was produced by Blue Eden, a collaborative project by Patrick Shyu and Henrick Shyu, two guys bent on sharing the world in HD. The stunning footage, shot over a week spent sailing across the BVI’s, showcases much of what makes these islands so special – the Baths, Foxy’s, the Bitter End Yacht Club and the pristine natural beauty that still abounds throughout the BVI’s. The pros at Blue Eden somehow squeeze it all into a moving, fast-paced jaunt across the islands that clocks in at just under five minutes.

Check it out and see for yourself why sailing the BVI’s is one popular pursuit that definitely still fits with our uncommon travel habits…


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