The Baths, BVI's | Photo credit: Steve Simonsen

At The Baths in The BVI’s, One Month After Irma

One month. For most of us, it doesn’t seem like very long. After all, time doesn’t necessarily only fly when you’re having fun. Modern life and its many attendant worries, demands, and distractions tends to speed our clocks and calendars along. This is not usually so in the BVI’s, as sublime and relaxing a string of islands as you’ll find anywhere along your travels. Here, time tends to the play the long game for visitors and locals alike. In the 30 days immediately following the passage of Hurricane Irma, though, things were a bit different. The rugged slog toward recovery made the month seem especially long for BVI friends I’ve been in touch with, each day attaching new challenges to what once were the simplest of daily tasks. At the same time, nature was in a hurry; her restoration unencumbered. Everywhere across the islands, endless trees made bare of their leaves quickly returned to green, while brilliant white sands along shores like these at The Baths in Virgin Gorda re-assumed their normal position at the water’s edge after being displaced by Irma’s mighty winds. The BVI’s today –– coming back strong and just as beautiful as ever.


*Photo credit: UC fan and Hurricane Irma survivor, Steve Simonsen.

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