Otherworldly North Sound, Virgin Gorda: Uncommon Attraction

Out of this world…

Many sailing grounds could be described as amazing. A few even qualify as legendary.

This place, though… THIS is on a whole ‘nother level.

North Sound, Virgin Gorda. For the seafaring set, it’s literally heaven on earth.

Stunning beauty? Sure, that’s a given everywhere in the BVI’s.

Tie up at any of the more than 130 moorings here to settle in for the night, though, and the true gift of North Sound – its ridiculously calm seas – becomes clear.

The 3,000 acres of protected waters here are ringed by a collection of satellite islets and a vibrant reef system, both of which team up to keep swells at a minimum.

The combination has drawn sailors of every stripe to Virgin Gorda for centuries. Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Hawkins famously came together here in 1595 to train in advance of an attack on San Juan.

These days, any landing parties here likely target area resorts, bars and restaurants at Bitter End, Captain Poncho’s, Saba Rock and Pusser’s Terrace on Leverick Bay, to name a few.

With the sea as calm as it is in North Sound, though, you might never feel compelled to come ashore here at all.



*Photo credit: Flickr user Kansasphoto.

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