Dreams of Sailing Away to Saba Rock, BVI: Uncommon Envy

Eight guestrooms, 10 boat slips, and a spectacular over-water bar/lounge and restaurant, all of it stretched over one acre of islet surrounded by the clear, calm Caribbean Sea – this is Saba Rock.

Or so I’ve read, heard, and been told.

Like The Willy-T and most other choice corners of the BVI’s, I’ve yet to visit Saba Rock. It’s been on my list for a long time, though, and not just because of its unique location and beautiful surroundings.

This little island is big when it comes to history, owned, as it was, for the 30 years preceding 1999 by Bert Kilbride.

Who’s that?

Well, if you’re big into scuba diving, or treasure hunting, or adventure of any kind, then Bert Kilbride is a name you should know.

In the Virgin Islands, no name is more synonymous with finding sunken treasure, especially on the Anegada Reef, where Bert recovered so many colonial-era artifacts over the years that he was appointed “Receiver of Wrecks” by Queen Elizabeth in 1967.

At the same time, few people anywhere have done more to get more of us turned on to exploring watery depths. If you took your first baby steps into scuba diving by completing a Resort Course, you have Bert to thank. He created the curriculum back in the 60’s.

Bert’s colorful life covered many other interests that are right in line with our uncommonness. (Learn more about Bert here.) Staying here, even if just for a day, I’m hoping, will give me a chance to tap into his spirit.

If not, I’m guessing that the fine eats, drinks, and views of other nearby islets – Prickly Pear, Necker, Mosquito, Eustacia – on offer at Saba Rock will surely suffice.

More on Saba Rock here.


*Lead photo credit: Flickr user kansasphoto.

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