Boats Off Canouan, St. Vincent and the Grenadines by Patrick Bennett

Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: Curious Little Canouan

Boats Off Canouan, St. Vincent and the Grenadines by Patrick Bennett
Boats Off Canouan, St. Vincent and the Grenadines by Patrick Bennett

There are over 7,000 islands and islets in the Caribbean.

This figure is one I often find myself dwelling on ever since Steve and I began Uncommon Caribbean. Over 7,000 islands and islets! How in the world are we going to cover them all! And why in the world do so many people not realize that there’s so much more to the Caribbean than MoBay in Jamaica, St. Thomas and Nassau?

Now, I’m not saying those are bad destinations to visit. As Steve has proven so well on his recent trips to Aruba and Grand Cayman, exceptional experiential travel adventures can be found even on some of the most well-trodden islands. (Of course, we’re still waiting for his verdict on St. Thomas!)

However, there are considerably more unique experiences that await travelers who get a little more creative with their travel dollars in the West Indies.

Take this week’s wallpaper as an example. It’s a shot of Charlestown Bay off the island of Canouan.

Wait… Where?

Known as “The Heart of the Grenadines”, Canouan is a tiny squiggle on the map about 15 miles south of St. Vincent with a population of fewer than 2,000 people.

The interesting thing to me about this destination is the staggering range of experiences that can usually be found in such a small space. When we recently stopped here on our Sail Oasis sailing adventure through the Grenadines, I was so excited to explore this little green wonder that I almost immediately swam ashore and began taking in Tamarind Beach Hotel—ideally situated right on the beach in Charlestown Bay.

From there, we walked past an adorably tiny, pink coral beach bar over to the fish market to check out the catch of the day. Fishermen busily cleaned their bounty and chatted throughout the colorful little building that made up both the fish and vegetable market.

Then, beneath a rather hot, high sun, we climbed the hill above Charlestown. Just five minutes walk inland up this little hill and we could already see the other side of the island! Here we found another perfect, little bar. Just the place to escape the heat for a moment with a drink… Or two… Or three. We could already tell that Canouan was our kind of place.

But that’s just one aspect of this curious little destination.

Oddly, for those interested in a big resort experience, that can usually be found here too! Yes, the northern third of the island is basically one big resort! The appropriately named Canouan Resort, which at one time was run by Raffles, not only boasts the expected white sand beach and spa, but also has a world-class golf course and casino both bearing a connection to future president of the United States Mr. Donald Trump.

Luckily Sadly, Canoaun Resort is currently under construction (though not completely closed) and their (admittedly beautiful) Villa Monte Carlo Casino is closed, so Canouan has reverted a bit back to its old, small, fishing village ways.

I did a quick search (you can thank me later) and found inexpensive round-trip flights out of Barbados to Canouan for a little over $200 on Liat. So, just give Samuel at Tamarind Beach Hotel a call and you could have today’s wallpaper as the view from your room on the beach!

If that’s not enough to compel you to pick up the phone, the nearby Mangrove Restaurant’s special of the day is stew mutton, rice and peas plus salad!

And if even that’s not enough, did I mention you can easily take a day trip to heaven on earth?

And if even that’s not enough, just download today’s wallpaper… Then see a doctor and get yourself checked out.

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