Caribbean Christmas Soundtrack to My Crucian-Style Noche Buena Pig Roast

While Patrick and his family are enjoying a warm and happy Holiday Season in Barbados, far from their frigid NYC home, my family and friends have been busy continuing our long-held tradition of bringing the flavor, sights and sounds of a Caribbean Christmas to our home in South Florida. As I noted last year, and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel covered last week on its FRONT PAGE, our Noche Buena Pig Roast is the centerpiece of our festivities.

More than 60 people crowded into my little backyard this past Saturday to enjoy some seriously good West Indian food, drink and fun. If you read last year’s Noche Buena post, though, then you know that the fun started well before the lechón was actually served. Laughing, games, old-talk, and rum kept the fete going from the afternoon of the 23rd right up until the kids went to bed just ahead of Santa’s arrival on the 24th.

Like any good party, our Noche Buena Pig Roast always has great music. A multitude of Caribbean genres are represented. Salsa, soca, parang, reggae, calypso, zouk. The music plays non-stop, keeping things lively and festive for kids and adults alike.

To give you a flavor for the evening, I’ve put together another 8tracks mix. This one showcases 10 of my favorite songs from my Noche Buena playlist. Most of the songs specifically carry Noche Buena themes, expressing love for family, partying, and above all, lechón!

To hear the mix, simply click on the image of the yummy roasting pig.

Enjoy y Feliz Navidad!

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