The Joy Of Caribbean Sailing With Your Kids

Sure, you could take your kids to some theme park on your next family vacation. You can endure the crowds, the long lines. You might even enjoy the frightfully fleeting thrills offered by the latest roller coaster, average ride duration: 112 seconds. I doubt, though, that the experience will solicit anywhere near the look of profound glee pictured above. That’s my nephew, Trinidad, reveling in the joys of sailing between St. Croix and Buck Island with our buddy, Captain Carl, aboard Teroro II. As we’ve noted before, this is one of our all-time favorite Caribbean sailing excursions; an absolute must when visiting St. Croix. Setting sail with Captain Carl yields half- or full-day smiles among kids and grown-ups alike. More immersive charter options only increase the joy of Caribbean sailing with your kids. Read How To Make Sailing With Kids A Sweet Success for tips on how you can max out the feeling of exhilaration from your next family trip.

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