Celebrate World Turtle Day

How Best To Celebrate World Turtle Day

Happy World Turtle Day!

What? You didn’t know there was a special day dedicated to drawing attention to, and increasing knowledge of, and respect for one of the world’s most beloved sea creatures?

Indeed, today is that day! To help us all celebrate World Turtle Day to the fullest, we’ve put together this handy list of amazing conservation organizations offering volunteer opportunities for uncommon travelers like you and me to help sea turtles shed their endangered status once and for all.

From day trips working with conservationists to mark turtle nests, to weeks-long fully-immersive expeditions tagging, measuring, and monitoring sea turtles alongside leading scientists, these opportunities allow us to put our words of support for sea turtles into substantive action.

Bahamas (Eleuthera) – Earthwatch Institute

Belize – Ocean Society

Bonaire – Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire

Costa Rica – WWF Global

Cuba – SEE Turtles Volunteer Expedition

Grenada – Ocean Spirits

Puerto Rico – Amigos de las Tortugas Marinas (ATMAR)

St. Croix (Buck Island) – National Park Service 

St. John – VIIS Turtle Monitoring

Trinidad – Turtle Village Trust

This list is in no way a full account of sea turtle conservation volunteer opportunities in the Caribbean, of course, though we’d like it to be.

If you know of additional programs and opportunities not listed here, let us know in the comments section below, or drop us a line here and we’ll get ’em added to the list.


*Photo credit: Colin Ruggiero.

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