On Coronavirus and What’s Ahead for Uncommon Caribbean

What to say, what to say… What to do, what to do…

The saying is an all-timer in the little corner of the Bennett family shared by Patrick and myself. Our Dad often utters the line during times of trouble. An exasperated shake of the head usually accompanies the words. No doubt, all of us have shared similar sentiments in recent days. 

In the Caribbean, of course, rates of exasperation and head shaking are growing by the day. When the lion’s share of your economy is dependent upon tourism, and a global pandemic forces everyone to stay home… Well… 

What to say? What to even do?!

There’s a lot that’s unknown about the coronavirus and the long term impact it will have on travel to the Caribbean. Knowing uncommon travelers like you the way we do, though, we can be certain of one thing…

You’ll want to resume adventuring around the Caribbean as quickly as possible.

We share the same desire, of course. To make the next few weeks (months?) of hunkered down life a little easier for all of us, we’re shifting our focus somewhat. The goal: to help you better bring the Caribbean into your homes. 

New food and drink recipes, videos, and more face time with us are all part of the plan.

We will get through this and back to the islands to fill seaside empty seats like the one above.

In the meantime, though, we hope that the sweet smell of pelau, arepas, or chicken curry with dumplings cooking in your kitchen will transport you back to the islands in your mind.

Stay tuned…

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