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Enjoy a Free Lunch (and Breakfast) in the Caribbean

Mango Tree

Mango Tree by Patrick Bennett

So, the old joke goes something like this:

Three men were sentenced to die – a Chinese, a Jamaican, and a Trinidadian. On the day they were sentenced to hang, the priest asked each man – “what’s your last wish?” The Chinese said “Give me a moo goo gai pan.” After he ate the meal, they hung him. The Jamaican was next. He said “give me some ackee, saltfish and jerk chicken.” After he ate his meal, they hung him too. The Trinidadian then gave his last wish. He said: “Well, its a very long time that I haven’t sucked a mango.” The priest replied: “Sorry, its not mango season.” The Trini replied: Well, I will wait.”

Ahh, mango season. In my opinion, one of the very best times to visit the Caribbean. There’s nothing better than pulling over on your way to the beach to collect an armful of mangoes, then spending the day lounging in the sun enjoying the sweet, sticky, delicious (and often messy) fruit.

And true to the eclectic nature of each island, there are many, many different types of mangoes to be enjoyed throughout the Antilles. There’s the round Hatian Baptiste that turns bright yellow when ripe, the Jamaican Bombay which remains fairly green even when ripe, and the Trinidadian Graham whose flesh is fairly fiber free. Cuba has quite a lot of varieties including the Toledo, the Prieto, and the San Felipe, which turns an absolutely gorgeous apple-red when ripe. But the most typical mango to be found on roadsides around the Caribbean would be the Julie—mustard yellow with a slight blush when ripe and soft, fleshy, juicy goodness hiding just below the skin.

Generally, Julies come into season from May to July. This is the best time to enjoy mango season in the Caribbean!

Last weekend on our trip to St. Lucia, we happened to have a tree heavy with fruit right next to our villa at Stonefield Estate Villa Resort. During the night we’d be awakened by our breakfast being delivered with a loud thump on the roof, the sound of rolling, and finally a soft thud as mango after mango found its way, fresh picked by the trade winds, to our porch.

Mango Breakfast

Mango Breakfast by Patrick Bennett

Forget the typical “season”, my favorite season for travel in the Caribbean is mango season. Mmmmmm… Mangoes.

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