Demon Possession Cocktail Recipe For A Halloween Happy Hour

The Demon Possession Cocktail Recipe is perfect for anyone looking for a little liquid courage.

“Are you frighten?”

Vampires have always been kinda’ funny to me. Monsters like the Werewolf and Frankenstein never scared me either.

The possessed, though, completely freak me out!

Maybe it’s because of The Omen, or old island talk of the supposed dark side of Obeah, people “catching power,” speaking in tongues and the like.

Either way, when it comes to Halloween frights, it is the possessed that scare me the most.

Like any other scaredy cat, I’ve decided to face my fears head on this Halloween by downing a few Demon Possession cocktails.

The Demon Possession Cocktail

This traditional tipple features personal faves like light rum and Blue Curacao of Curacao liqueur, with citrus vodka and lemonade rounding out the basic ingredients.

  • 1oz light or overproof rum
  • 1oz citrus vodka
  • 1/2oz Blue Curacao
  • Lemonade
  • Dash or two of Peychaud’s Aromatic Bitters

For my part, though, I’m substituting the regular white rum with some Jamaican duppy repellent – aka: Rum Fire Overproof – for added aromatic bite and potency.

I’m also doubling the amount of Blue Curacao to deepen the blue hue, and topping it all off with a splash or two of Peychaud’s aromatic bitters to create a spilled blood effect.

Making yours

To make it, mix all the booze together in a shaker, fill with lemonade, then shake, shake, shake. Next, strain your mix into a highball glass filled with ice. (A traditional Demon Possession calls for crushed ice, of which I’m not a huge fan. If you’re like me, regular ice will work just fine.) Finally, top with Peychaud’s and enjoy!

Armed with a drink this strong, I’m pretty sure I won’t feel any fear (or much of anything else) if I do come across anyone possessed by a demon this Halloween…


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