Friday Happy Hour: Having More Fun with Papa’s Pilar Blonde

Do blondes really have more fun? It’s an age-old question with really no right answer… at least when it comes to the ladies. In the world of rum, on the other hand, one blonde in particular is always a good time – Papa’s Pilar Blonde.

We met formally for the first time at the most recent Miami Rum Renaissance Festival. She was tough to miss in her distinctively squat, rounded bottle, a chained cork cap like a crown about her pretty head.

Papa’s Pilar Blonde’s looks are nice, but not as nice as her substance.

Lots of nice rums are smooth, but few are equally as supple at the same time.

Papa’s Pilar Blonde is practically creamy, a characteristic that may turn off dry rum disciples, but works well for me at certain select times, especially considering its inspiration.

Pilar, you see, was the name of Ernest Hemingway’s prized 38-foot fishing boat, which he famously used to fish the Gulf Stream off the coasts of Cuba, The Bahamas, and Florida in the 1930’s. It was from these exploits that my all-time favorite author was inspired to write such classics as Islands In The Stream and The Old Man And The Sea, which I just re-read with my twin boys (age 10) a few months ago.

My kids love books, and I love reading with them, rum or no rum. Somehow, though, the experience just seemed a bit better with a little Papa’s Pilar Blonde on the rocks at my side, the creamy butterscotch and vanilla flavor adding special spice and flavor to the prose.

Next, I look forward to trying it in Papa’s favorite cocktails to see how it stands up to the classic Cuban rums (rons) he so loved. If it’s anything like sipping it with a couple rocks, I’m sure Papa Hemingway would be proud…


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